Partial and Full Dentures at
Clovercrest Dental Surgery

If you have multiple missing teeth and it’s starting to affect your diet and lifestyle, replacing them with a custom denture is an excellent choice. Dentures are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of rehabilitative treatments (such as implants) and are quite easy to make.

The Process

Getting dentures usually involves a few short trips to our office (typically about 15 minutes each). We start by taking a couple of impressions, which are sent to our lab where the denture is designed. Within a week or so, your final prosthesis is ready to fit.

Adjusting to Dentures

As with putting any foreign body inside of your mouth, dentures can take a little bit of time to get used to. We recommend practicing talking with your dentures and cutting softer foods up into smaller pieces, giving your mouth and the muscles a chance to practice and adapt to the prosthesis being in place.

Within a couple of weeks, most of our patients have fully acclimated to their new denture or partial. If you need any tips on making the process easier, we invite you to speak with us!

Advantages of Wearing a Denture

Your new dentures are made in a way that allows you to speak confidently, eat comfortably and fill out your facial features that may appear sunken-in from losing teeth. By supporting your lips and cheeks, you may find that the dentures enhance your facial profile to restore a younger looking appearance.

Are They Right for You?

We invite you to schedule an exam to discuss your individual medical history, dietary concerns and past dental treatment. During your consultation, Dr Vonny Yang (Dentist) will explain the most appropriate options for your situation and budget.

Contact us today to get started! In-house payment options are available.

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