Dental Implants at
Clovercrest Dental Surgery

Are you planning to get dental implants? Dr Vonny Yang (Dentist) works closely with your implant provider or surgeon to provide custom restorations after your surgical placement. Although we do not perform the installation of dental implants in our practice, we can complete the final restorative phases for your current surgeon or implant specialist.

What is Implant Restoration?

Dental implants are essentially biocompatible restorations that mimic the function of natural tooth roots. When placed into your mouth, an implant can support fixed restorations such as:

Single Tooth Crowns — Your new dental implant can mimic the look and feel of a new tooth, by having a single porcelain crown anchored directly on top of it. Just brush and floss it as if it were a natural tooth!

Implant Bridges — When used in pairs, your new implants can support a multi-tooth bridge to replace several teeth in a row. Implant supported bridges tend to be longer than conventional ones and can eliminate the need for a partial denture.

Stabilised Dentures — For added security and comfort, your new denture can be made to attach over as few as 2-4 dental implants. Implant overdentures can be removable or permanently affixed into place.

Where Should You Start?

Depending on your particular needs and the number of teeth that are to be replaced, Dr Vonny works to deliver the fixed or final restoration after your implants have fully integrated and established themselves into your bone.

If you’re considering implants, we are happy to refer you to a local specialist for the surgical placement. Afterward, Dr Vonny will complete the restorative phase of your full mouth reconstruction or single tooth replacement.

Want to Learn More?

Contact us today to learn more! Flexible financing plans are available. We’re also a preferred provider for Medibank, BUPA and HCF. Senior concessions cards are gladly accepted.

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