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When you have a cavity, the best solution is to treat it as early as possible. Minimally invasive techniques preserve larger amounts of tooth structure and prevent decay from spreading.

At Clovercrest Dental Surgery we incorporate modern materials and techniques that enhance both your oral health and your smile’s appearance. By practicing prevention-based techniques, we can reduce your risk of developing cavities and stop them from causing potential dental emergencies.

Children’s Fillings

For young patients, Dr Vonny prefers to use composite and glass ionomer fillings that require less tooth reshaping. Additionally, these materials strengthen the tooth around them as they have the potential to release small amounts of fluoride after placement.

Because primary (baby) teeth have the tendency to decay far more quickly than adult teeth do, this factor minimises the risk of cavities spreading to developing permanent teeth.

If your child is nervous, we can help. Dr Vonny loves working with young patients!

White Fillings for Adults

Treating decay in an adult tooth is a two-faceted approach. Firstly, we want to stop the cavity from spreading or becoming larger, but second, we want to select a restoration that will preserve optimal aesthetics of visible teeth.

To meet both of these requirements, Dr Vonny typically uses resin materials that are both durable and can be custom matched to the shade of the tooth around them. Although conventional amalgam (metal) fillings are still used in some cases, most of our adult patients prefer to have a cosmetic restoration placed when possible.

Symptoms of Tooth Decay

Not all cavities are painful. If you’ve noticed things such as sensitivity to particular foods, a funny feeling when chewing or notice your floss catching between two specific teeth, be sure to let us know. Dr Vonny will fully assess the area and may have an X-ray taken to determine if a cavity has started to develop.

Treating decay early is always the best thing to do, no matter what your age. If you suspect that you may have a cavity, be sure to schedule an exam at your earliest convenience.

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