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Replace Your Missing Tooth with a Bridge

A dental bridge is a restorative solution that’s used to replace missing teeth, without invasive surgery (as with dental implants). Because they’re fixed in place, there’s no need to remove them at night time like you would with a denture.

Additionally, bridges protect the teeth that support them, making them stronger.
Your new bridge is designed to:
> Fill in the open gap caused by missing teeth
> Preserve aesthetics
> Maintain chewing and biting capabilities
> Prevent tooth movement due to excess space

What Does a Bridge Look Like?

Bridges are made to look like 2-3 teeth in a row, bonded together on each side. The tooth on the end is used as an abutment and fitted over a supporting tooth that has been cut back a small amount (like with a crown). Then the next crown on the side fills in the gap left by the missing tooth. In most cases, there is another abutment crown on the other end.

What to Expect

Your bridge treatment will require two appointments to complete. During your first visit, we will numb the supporting tooth so that there isn’t any discomfort, then slightly cut it back to make room for the porcelain abutment crown to fit over it. We’ll take an impression that is sent to our lab, where the permanent bridge is designed. In the meantime, a temporary cap will be placed over the tooth to reduce any sensitivity.

About two weeks later, your custom matched bridge will be ready to permanently cement into place.

Caring for Your New Bridge

We recommend waiting 24-hours after your crown is placed before eating anything particularly hard, or flossing around it. Take care to brush very well around the bridge and floss underneath it daily, as new decay can develop around the supporting teeth if it is not cleaned properly. We will want to check your bridge routinely to ensure the teeth are healthy and stable.

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