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Some of the most common dental injuries are caused by accidents during athletic events, chronic teeth grinding habits and clenching while you sleep. Fortunately, we can help you avoid unnecessary tooth fractures by creating a simple, protective device: custom mouthguards.

What Does a Mouthguard Do?

Mouthguards serve as a valuable preventative tool that reduces your risk of tooth wear and expensive dental work later on. Although tooth enamel is quite strong, it can easily be broken and cracked if it wears excessively against opposing teeth.

Depending on the type of guard we make and your reason for wearing one, it may be one of the following designs:

> Bruxism Guards — Some people subconsciously clench and grind their teeth during the day or while they sleep. This habit can cause the teeth to get shorter and become sensitive within just a few years’ time. Not only are the results aesthetically displeasing, they also impact normal biting function. Wearing a bruxism guard places a soft cushion between the upper and lower teeth, preventing them from grinding against each other.

> Sports — Contact sports like football, lacrosse or even gymnastics are just a few examples of prime opportunities for dental injuries. With a bump to the mouth, you’re not just out of the game, you could be left with a broken or knocked out tooth. A custom athletic mouthguard provides better protection against trauma and concussion.

> TMJ Pain and Disorder — Overactive muscle tension in the bite can cause tension in the TMJ, along with headaches or pain through the neck and shoulders. Symptoms like popping and clicking of the jaw joint may develop. A custom fitted guard can train the muscles to relax, reducing tension and joint pain.

Want to Learn More?

Our mouthguards come in a variety of colours, so you can select one that’s clear or that matches your favourite team jersey. All you need to get started is a quick consultation and impression of your teeth.

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